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After living in our "new" home for a week or so it has finally sunk in that you have spun a magic spell over our apartment.  The space is fantastic and the fact that you were able to do it all, with no budget, and only using the things that were already in our home is simply fantastic. By getting rid of the choking feeling I had in our home, because of the lousy flow of the space, you have created a miraculous transformation.  To say anything more about your talent and ability to re-create a home would be redundant.  A million thanks..........
Joan and Patrick, Lawyers, West Village NY.

I am a pragmatic person to say the least; no frills but I do like interesting spaces and pieces that follow functionality. Jane was able to take my existing space, and arrange it so the flow was better, the colors were more pleasing, and art stood out. She did all the things I would have done myself- if I were a more creative, artistic, and capable person. Consulting with, and having her execute ideas was well worth it.
Peter R. Doctor, West Village NY.

Jane Brown's strength in designing comes from her ability to match the personality of a space with the occupants of that space. She has a keen internal eye and a clear vision of what is needed to make a living environment friendlier, personable, and uniquely one's own. Jane came to my apartment and single-handledly renovated it in a way that made it extremely cozier, more appealing, and more invigorating.

As a CPA, it was important to me that Jane's work was done on time and within budget, and on both counts Jane was superb. I highly recommend Jane as an interior designer, but her strengths run deeper that just that. She truly loves what she does, and her enthusiasm and spirit made the whole experience for me well worth it.
Robert Frabasile, CPA and CFO, New York.

Jane came into my home towards the end of a major re-modeling. She was quick to see my vision of how I wanted my home to look and helped me with all the fine details that needed completing. When the re-modeling was finished Jane re-positioned all my furnishings in a completely new manner. She re-hung art, dressed bookcases, I didn’t know you needed to dress a bookcase – now I do! Effortless.

I didn’t think my home could look and feel so effortlessly elegant, warm and inviting all at the same time. My home is a showcase that reflects who I am and guests always comment on how wonderful it is to spend time here. I recently just had Jane back to refresh my bedroom it looks great. Thank you Jane.
Jacqui Holmes, CEO, Long Island.

We would highly recommend Jane Brown as an interior stylist. We live in Sydney’s inner west in a 3 bedroom Victorian 2 storey terrace with two small children. After many months of deliberating on whether we should move to a larger house or stay, we consulted Jane for advice on re-styling our house to meet our needs.

Our criteria was a sense of spaciousness, improved functionality, a warm homely feel, visually pleasing and most importantly child friendly. Jane, brimming with ideas and plenty of alternatives to meet our tastes and budget, set to work, saving us many hours scouring the town for the right furniture. With her vast array of contacts in the furniture and trade industry we were able to quickly make choices and get the work underway.

Jane advised us on interior colour schemes, furniture design, furniture positioning, as well as finishing the room with accessories. She selected accessories we already had stored and forgotten in cupboards as well as rearranging and adding to complement the overall look and add texture and warmth. We reframed some art and added new pieces. The positioning made a dramatic difference. The result was a beautiful home way beyond our expectations. Not only does it look great, we benefit everyday in the small changes that have improved functionality. After defining our space de cluttering and re-organising, our home is low maintenance.

Jane has a great eye for style, is intuitive, has an amazing talent for visualising what works, is enthusiastic, dedicated and loves what she does. Jane transformed our house into a place which is space efficient, practical for our needs and feels like home. Thank you Jane. We love it!
Sally & Scott, Lilyfield.

Jane Brown did an amazing job re-organising our living area in just a few short hours. She has an skillful eye for what works and now it feels like we are living in a completely new apartment. It looks so beautiful that I am inspired to keep it clean! Thank you, Jane.
Eleanor Sweetapple, Writer, Coogee.

Jane magically transformed my apartment from a place where I just ate and slept to my home and sanctuary. Using her rare artistic talent she was able to perfectly co-ordinate and select colours, furniture, wall art and more, that totally reflected my personality and needs. It was such a treat to leave everything in her hands from the buying to the installation to organising the handyman. I can't recommend Jane highly enough!
Virginia Choy, Web Designer, McMahons Point.

I am now sitting in my beautiful living space created by Jane Brown in a few short hours.  For a number of years I have wanted to de-clutter and to "create more space" in my small apartment. I've not had the skills or the know- how to start. Jane arrived and created something wonderful. It was quite remarkable to watch this artist in action as her ideas became reality in little pockets around my apartment.  I was touched by her genuine passion for the job and that huge smile.  It would never have occurred to me to put my table in that spot!!! Perfect! Now it feels like home.
Jacinta, Teacher/Singer, Clovelly.

Jane Brown came to my home and performed a total transformation. It was one enlightened energetic evening. I trusted Jane to move every piece of furniture and clear away anything that she determined wasn't needed in my home. She worked with an intuition and an creativity I was inspired and energised by. It was a very fulfilling project to work together on. She left not a stone unturned. She has an incredible style. Her taste is immaculate. Her approach is professional at the same time as fun, warm and safe. Her guidance is strong and her decisions are clear. Jane's insight and intuition was outstanding. She worked with a very small dark space and a very eclectic collection of furniture, textiles and paintings. She transformed my flat from a cluttered student pad into a spacious elegant home. I had always thought of myself as an uncluttered person until Jane Brown came along! We cleared surface clutter and hidden clutter to make the energy clean and open. Jane's work has given my home a new energy and sophistication that I didn't imagine could exist there. She has inspired me to find a few additional pieces of furniture and lighting pieces to finish the transformation. I appreciate antique and retro pieces. Jane has helped me see how they can work together well. Now the home I live in is a space I feel proud to invite people into. I love coming home now. I would recommend Jane Brown of Jane Brown Interiors to anyone who is interested in making their home a space of inspiration as well as a place of comfort and nurture. Thankyou Jane Brown!
Rachel Fairfax, Artist/Teacher, Coogee.

Just thought I'd let you know what Steve thought.  He said the couch looked too nice to sit down!  He said he perceives me differently now (I didn't want to know how he perceived me before) and he feels more comfortable here!  How's that from a blokey bloke who never notices what I wear or never comments.
Karen Jones, Acupuncturist, Bondi Junction.

Jane, I am so thrilled and overwhelmed with the transformation you have created in my 'new' home. The initial shock/surprise has subsided but the joy I feel living in my stunning, newly styled abode is continuously growing. The effect has been profound, I find myself wanting to care for myself more and I can't wait to have friends over for a meal. For years I thought I couldn't move the TV, computer, phone etc due to the location of their power points (and of course I never thought it was possible to move the 20 tonne dining room table, but even that didn't stop you). It made me start to think where else in my life am I experiencing blocks. Your personal touch, relaxed professional approach and anything-is-possible attitude is a real credit to you. I am so blessed to have experienced your talent first-hand, this experience has been so much better than watching the home/room transformations on Oprah!
Julia Reinbeck, Graphic Designer, Potts Point.

Words cannot express adequately the depth of gratitude I feel for what you have been able to achieve in my very run down and mish-mash home. Miraculously without purchasing anything new – using my rundown and mish mash furnishings!! You have truly transformed our living space and turned it into a haven I enjoy coming home to instead of a space I longed to escape from. To sit in this room now with my cup of tea, being able to look out at my garden and the tapioca tree now in bloom is truly a place of tranquility and opportunity for rejuvenation giving me the energy to face the day. It is now a place of light, life and love. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are a blessing from heaven and I wish you every success and happiness as you use your wonderful gift and talent to help others.
Sonia, Singer, North Sydney.

I had been living in my house for ten months and not one room was finished. My lounge room in particular was still very bare. I was really at a loss as to where to begin. Jane entered my house and with great enthusiasm and creativity gave me so many ideas and lots of advice. Within the hour she had already made changes, re-arranging furniture and displaying some of my favourite things which had been hidden in cupboards for years. I had a very tight budget but Jane managed to fill my lounge room with beautiful pieces and with her terrific sense of style pulled everything together to complete my rooms and turn my house into a beautiful home. She was great to work with, so creative, so enthusiastic and so positive. I would highly recommend her.
Sinead Wheelan, Homemaker, Sydney.

Jane executed our brief for her brilliantly. Not only did Jane incorporate specific requests, she injected a level of creativity and enthusiasm that produced a result beyond our expectations. Jane's design brought new life to our existing furniture and collectibles. Along with new pieces selected by her, Jane achieved a transformation we could have only considered possible at much greater cost and significantly longer project time. Jane's judgement as to colour, light, placement and spatial relationships produced results that never failed to impress us each time a room was completed. We have no hesitation in recommending Jane Brown's services to others. Her efforts have given us a home that now exudes cohesion and harmony. Not only has Jane turned it into a sanctuary in which we enjoy spending our time in and entertaining, it is now a place that we are excited about welcoming our impending little bundle of joy into.   
Simone & Joe Pardeau, Financial Consultant, Bondi Junction.

I don't know if you have ever watched Super Nanny on TV - if not watch a few episodes – that explains how you have changed my life….that is an anology....clearly I don't have kids but the way you have organized my house  has made a major difference to the way I will live my life in future. My House is now my Castle and very well decorated thanks to you (ok and mum as well but that is another issue - ? Enough about that but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKYOU.   
Lee Tonell, Realtor, Waterloo.

Jane Brown arrived at my house one evening and within a few hours had completely transformed my home.

In the past having always been sceptical about someone coming into my house and imposing their taste, my experience with Jane has completely changed my mind.  Her respect and sensitivity to my requests and her ability to create beautiful rooms with the furniture and pieces I already have has convinced me that I will always call on her in the future.  Jane was wonderful with my children, listening to their ideas and arranging and creating their bedrooms accordingly.  I highly recommend the “Jane’s Been” touch.
Paula Forrest, Actress, Frenchs Forest.

Jane has great vision. She works from the heart and instinctively knows what will look great, all the time staying within your budget.
For me she created an amazing living space that totally encompasses who I am. I still say ‘wow’ when I walk into my apartment that has been completely transformed.
Janet, Flight Attendant, Coogee.

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office styling reviews

Jane Brown is a wizard. I was recently faced with a simultaneous home and office move.  I am very particular about what I want and wanted to be involved – hands on with Jane.  I also had a limited budget and an extremely tight deadline. Daunting to say the least!

Jane actually listened to me, making sure she had a clear understanding of what I wanted.   Like magic, she worked with me to integrate all existing furniture, and saved me hundreds of dollars on each new piece we purchased. For me, to have a professional who is willing to bounce ideas around until we come up with a perfect solution; offers moral support; saves me money and delivers it all on time is invaluable.

If you want a beautiful, functional and affordable environment to live or work, call Jane Brown.
I’m glad I did!
Shirley Smith, Founder, The Radiant Group

It is my absolute pleasure to provide a reference for Jane Brown of Jane Brown Interiors, whom I have known for several years.

Jane has worked on 3 separate projects for me over the past eighteen months. She has approached each job with total dedication, boundless energy, passion and creative flair.

There is no doubt that Jane is an extremely talented interior designer, but what impresses me even more than her eye for detail, or fine tuned sense of style, is her ability to intimately and empathetically understand the emotional motivation and goals for each client she works with.

The first brief I gave Jane was small in scope, but deeply personal in nature. I asked her to transform my bedroom from a functional space into a romantic and sensual haven. The results were stunning and convinced me to hire Jane for a larger project – prepare my apartment for sale.

When Jane agreed to take the job, I had no idea that she would produce such a magnificent result. Due largely to her design skills, I achieved a sale price almost 20% higher than the original evaluation provided to me by my local real estate agent!

Following the successful sale of my apartment, I once again engaged Jane’s services, this time to decorate the new office of SW Magazine.

The brief was to create a space of comfort and beauty that reflected the brand qualities of SW. Jane more than delivered! We were thrilled with the end result and receive a constant stream of compliments from the many visitors who visit our office. It is beautiful and function, and was delivered well within budget.

I am convinced that Jane is a rising star in the world of interior design, and my only reservation in recommending her is that her services will become so high in demand that I will be on a 2 year wait list to employ her services again!
Cherie Kellahan, Director, SW Magazine.

I was so excited and inspired by how Jane Brown transformed my house I had her back to do my office space in no time. Now I come to work everyday thinking how much I love my office. It is a really inspiring and creative place to work and my staff love it too.

I wouldn’t have had the foresight to do what Jane did to transform my work environment. Thank you Jane!
Carolyn Stafford, Director, Connect Marketing Professionals

Thank you so much Jane, for not only turning my apartment into a lovely home, but also for making it reflect who I am.

You have amazingly transformed my wishes into a beautiful reality, added love and your very special, creative and stylish touch. I truly appreciate your effort.
Gitte Backhausen, Artist, Bondi

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